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GECO Sportswear

                                    created with strive of satisfying the requirements,

                       needs of players around the world and inspired with a clear focus.

                            GECO was found by company of formerly Bundesliga players

            driven by the idea of creating high quality products with leading prices in Europe.

                                                    Today this idea is reality.

                           By setting persistence and confidence in every step we make

                    but motivated to fill the gaps in which our competition is not attentive.

                         Every single product from our range is made with one purpose:

                         „The enjoyment of having the materials you need to win“

           More than a brand we are a family, in which we have the satisfaction of taking our

           service to a whole different level in which the fulfillment of the customer goes first.

                        At GECO Sportswear we have a full range of high quality products

                               in all sizes and colors for our customers to choose from.

           Last but not least we are equally concerned on our customers businesses - it‘s why

                                        we guarantee reliability, impeccable service,

                                      good delivery times and product customization.

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